January 23, 2019

About Us

Our boutique concept

Lisya Norka aims to shop with public looking for authentic, unique, hand made articles. None of our products is massively produced which means you have in hand an unique piece with the highest quality.

Our Materials

We use natural materials as much as possible, natural linen, cotton, wooden parts etc.  Sometimes even hand make them (as some toys parts as noses etc). 


Some flowers are from Russia and some are from Costa Rica, the stones (regular or volcanic) are from Costa Rica and sand, sea shells are either from Pacific or Caribbean coasts. All these flowers, shells and rocks are collected by ourselves in our “go-to-collect materials tours”.


We mostly use natural linen imported from Europe and American cotton,  other fabrics could be natural, but it is used in much minor scale and only in small parts in clothes. We try to avoid plastic as much as possible, our bottoms are wooden and we avoid zippers when possible too.

Vintage Toys:

Oh, these little ones take special care and attention to make them, we observe the old fashion way to make them, not only the desig but also details as wooden nose or the stuff.

Ah! Last but not least…

Lisya Norka stands for “Foxy Shack” in Russian language.